Currys-Freshly Prepared Food-Authentic Thai spices

Mook Thai Cuisine had the pleasure of opening in Christmas 2015 serving local residents authentic Thai cuisine. A family owned restaurant situated in Rossland BC.
The Restaurant is building a reputation on a bringing the authentic taste of Thai cuisine to Kootenays . Savory delicious dishes has won the hearts of many local customers who come back regularly and frequently.

History of Thai food

the crossroads of several cultures in South East Asia. Therefore Chinese, Indian, Khmer and Malaysian Cuisine have influenced Thai Food, besides the unique and exquisite native Thai cooking. Thailand has a hot climate, and this tends to encourage rich and spicy food.
There are also a great variety of condiments available and these are all blended to create exotic tastes and flavors.

The Thai language has a much greater variety of words to identify tastes and flavours than English, but you need not know the words to enjoy the tastes and the food. We would be very pleased to answer your questions or concerns regarding specific ingredients, however we cannot assume any responsibility for any allergy that may be caused by food served in our restaurant.